66% of Motorists Say They Use a Cellphone While Driving

February 9, 2024

More than one-in-six drivers say they use their cellphone while driving, a new survey shows.

Mercury Insurance polled 1,000 drivers who were asked to rate their driving skills and then answer a variety of questions on distracted road habits.

The poll shows 66% of active drivers admit to using their phone while driving.

Despite that, the survey shows 80% of U.S. drivers rated their driving skills at an 8 or above out of 10.

Distracted driving was a major theme. In fact, 86% of active drivers say people are more distracted while driving now than five years ago.

Other survey results show:

  • Nearly one-in-five respondents say they often take their hands off the wheel while driving, and 8% admit to using their knees to steer.
  • 26% of active drivers say they have either come close or been in an accident due to texting and driving
  • Of drivers who use their phones while driving, Facebook is their most commonly used app (30%), followed closely by TikTok (18%) and Instagram (14%).